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Moving past passwords

Keycore logs you into your accounts without a password, by identifying the way you type.

No more privacy leaks, no more hacked accounts, and best of all, no more passwords.

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Wave 👋 to the future of user authentication.

Type your email to log in, no passwords needed. Keycore combines the privacy of a password, with the uniqueness of how you personally type your username or email address.


Our proprietary authentication algorithm intelligently detects patterns in the way you type your username. It doesn't matter if you're on desktop or mobile; no passwords needed!


Developers, yeet! Authenticate users with only three lines of code, and leave the complex data encryption and handling to us. An Azure cluster ensures we have virtually 99.99% uptime.


By detecting patterns and time-breaks in the way you type your username, an SSL-secured Keycore authentication is at least 1000 times safer than a typical 8-digit alphanumeric.1

Developers first

We want to make safe authentication accessible to anybody seeking to protect their customers or themselves. Drop three lines of Keycore into your website, and we'll handle all the heavy authentication lifting while you focus on what matters most.

See the Pen Keycore v.1 by Eric Cheng (@eh8) on CodePen.

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